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Shape SwitcherShape Switcher
Go on the journey with our shape shifting friend as he discovers his hidden powers of color and shape changing! Thanks to his newly discovered powers he is able to unlock doors and escape the 13 super fun mazes with your help.
Monoliths Mario World 2Monoliths Mario World 2
Uh OH! Princess Peach has once again been kidnapped and Mario has one goal and that is to save her! Venture with Mario on the journey to save Princess Peach as you defeat the obstacles in your way and smash the question blocks for coins and powers! It is no doubt you will fall in love with Mario all over again in this super fun game!
Grasshopper YuichiGrasshopper Yuichi
Yuichi wishes to set a new intergalactic jumping record! Press and hold the left mouse button to set the power and release it to Jump!
Frizzle FrazFrizzle Fraz
This little cute Fraz is on a mission to save his friends and obtain all the keys and the hearts so that he can escape safely at the end of each level! It is your job to direct this cute little creature through the obstacles that stand in his way.
FPA: World 2FPA: World 2
In the game of Fancy Pants Adventure it is your job to go through the worlds and get your ice cream! As you venture through the several levels watch out for the evil spiders, snails and other obstacles in your way! Make it to the end so you can receive your super yummy treat!
Meez AdventureMeez Adventure
Mario-style platform game with meez characters.
Eggs! is a classic platform adventure.
Law & Order: Criminal IntentLaw & Order: Criminal Intent
In Law & Order: Criminal Intent, a man is found floating in the East River.
Escape From Fort RemakeEscape From Fort Remake
This game is improved version of original Escape From Fort point and click room escape type game.
Collect all the gems on each level to complete, beat 4 levels to win the game.
You play as a snake that is hungry for food.
Papa LouiePapa Louie
Join Papa Louie in his first platforming adventure, when his delicious pizzas turn into monsters and kidnap his customers!
Dino RunDino Run
The doom asteroid has dropped.
Excavator Story: full versionExcavator Story: full version
Full english version of a humorous point and click game "Excavator storyā€¯.
Airport Madness 2Airport Madness 2
If you liked the first Airport madness than you will love this one.
Bunni: How we first metBunni: How we first met
Find love and adventure on the magical Island of Bunni! Rebuild the island, plant trees and flowers, and collect a bustling village of adorable animals.
Charlie the DuckCharlie the Duck
Mario-style platform game about a cute duck named Charlie.
Super Mario Vetorial WorldSuper Mario Vetorial World
Low quality recomended :: History :: Looks like princess Peach was kidnapped again! ---- Super Mario Vetorial World! Whit 6 Levels, differents backgrounds, floors, enemys and, if you colect all coins, secrets!
Family BarnFamily Barn
Play this fun and fantastic farm game where you can grow all kinds of crops and keep lots of fun and cute animals!
Pocoyo and FriendsPocoyo and Friends
Pocoyo is so happy with his friends !! enjoy the day
Sonic Lost in Super Mario World Part 2Sonic Lost in Super Mario World Part 2
Part two of the Sonic - Mario mix game.
The original "building block" game.
Dwarves EscapeDwarves Escape
Finish game to save dwarves from evil dragon.
Funky ForestFunky Forest
you have to collect all the acorns you can see on the screen in order to advance to the next screen.
Hatsune Miku MissionHatsune Miku Mission
Cross the fields of musical notes without touching them.
Aliens have landed in the Adrian desert.
Gazzyboy Jurassic park escape 2Gazzyboy Jurassic park escape 2
Hello friends, the gazzyboy gaming group has again come up with the new escape game called Jurassic park escape 2.
Classic PacmanClassic Pacman
Pacman classic game
Avatar MovieAvatar Movie
Who didn't love the blockbuster smash movie Avatar! In this super fun puzzle game you will be able to solve a scene from the amazing movie! Do not worry this puzzle is perfect for both expert puzzlers and beginner puzzlers! Just have fun and remember your favorite scene as you solve this Avatar puzzle!
Farm Frenzy 3: MadagascarFarm Frenzy 3: Madagascar
Enjoy an all-new Farm Frenzy adventure set in the exotic and beautiful Madagascar! Join Scarlett as she travels through Madagascar raising new animated animals including: guinea birds, elephants and water buffalo.
On The EdgeOn The Edge
The goal of the game is to move the red block onto the red tile, by removing all other tiles.
Monkey GO Happy 3Monkey GO Happy 3
You wot be able to stop pleasing this monkey in this super addicting game of ' Monkey Go happy 3'.
In Airline, you buy airplanes, choose routes, set ticket prices, and do your best to keep your customers happy.
Snow QueenSnow Queen
Everything is frozen by the evil Snow Queen, you have to save the frozen animals by collecting their image parts from the game.
The platformer were you have to dodge lasers, spikes, insects and more! play through 20 unique levels and compete on the HighScores! use the arrows keys or W,A,S and D to move your character, use S or down to create springs, and left mouse click to create a block!
Free research of a map, tactical fights, reception of experience by characters.
Krishna LeelaKrishna Leela
Come, be a part of Janmashtami's 'Matki-Phod' ritual in Krishna Leela.
Slender 2DSlender 2D
So You are Lonely in the woods at the night, and you really think you are alone?
Mario Star ScrambleMario Star Scramble
Collect all the shine sprites and defeat Bowser to save the Mushroom Kingdom!
The StoreThe Store
Manage your own store and build your empire in this exciting simulator! Choose 8 different items, set their prices carefully and sell them at your store for max profit! Don't forget to purchase the best advertising and cashier training money can afford! Purchase all 3 stores to generate a hefty income!
Gatuno in HalloweenGatuno in Halloween
Your cat has been turned into stone by an evil witch.
Wonderland Days Sim DateWonderland Days Sim Date
A dating simulation safe for all ages.
Quest in the darkQuest in the dark
Escape the haunted mansion! Solving mysteries and treasure hunting game.
Interactive Fairytale (Goldilocks and the three bears)Interactive Fairytale (Goldilocks and the three bears)
An interactive fairytale game for kids.
Remake of the 1984 Classic Atari game, PITFALL! by David Crane.
Ice AgeIce Age
You are Scrat.
Rebuild ChileRebuild Chile
Help the children from chile affected by the earthquake/tsunami by playing this game.
Indiana Jones AdventureIndiana Jones Adventure
Don't let Indy get rolled over and crushed by the boulder.
DonDon't wet your pants!
Try not to wet your pants in this hilarious old school text game! Can you get all ten trophies and become the master of urination?
throw the tube to save the person before shark eats them and make a highscore

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