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Pyramid SolitairePyramid Solitaire
In this game extremely fun card game there is a pyramid of cards.
Spider SolitaireSpider Solitaire
This game is not as scary as it sound it is quite the contrary! Spider Solitaire is an amazingly fun game.
Klondike SolitaireKlondike Solitaire
Everyone loves a good old card game and Fupa is here to provide that.
Aces Up SolitaireAces Up Solitaire
Once again Fupa provides a super fun card game! In this game it is your job to remove all of the cards until only the Aces are left.
Demon SolitaireDemon Solitaire
There are several renditions of Solitaire here on Fupa and this is another extremely fun one to play.
This addictive international hit is one of the funnest card games provided on Fupa.
Gaps SolitaireGaps Solitaire
This easy game of ' Gaps Solitaire' is a super fun game that will make time fly! In this game you must arrange the cards so that the cards in each row are of the same suit and in ascending order from Two to King.
Golf SolitaireGolf Solitaire
Fupa never lets our players down with the amazing card game selection and this is just one of the many great ones we have to offer! In this game there are 40 cards separated into 8 columns on the top of the screen.
Freecell is based on the classic Freecell solitaire, but with a special twist! Use the golden cards to your advantage, either to bring forward an obscured card or boost your score!
Crystal Golf SolitaireCrystal Golf Solitaire
This very simple game of 'Crystal Golf Solitaire' will keep you wanting more! In this variation of solitaire all you have to do is click the cards that are one above or below the home card and try and clear the table before the deck runs out! Take your time because this game requires careful planning & stategy to get the best runs & claim a spot in the highscores!
Gin RummyGin Rummy
Gin Rummy is a classic card game played by two players.
Lady Jane SolitaireLady Jane Solitaire
Lady Jane Solitaire is a fun rendition of solitaire played with two piles! When you begin the game ten piles of cards are dealt face up with one card on the first pile, two cards on the secon pile and so on and so forth.
Castle warsCastle wars
a turn based card game where your goal is to be the first to build a castle with height 100 or to destroy your enemy's castle.
Golf SolitaireGolf Solitaire
Here's another variation of the classic Solitaire.
If you like plain old Solitaire than this is the game for you! There have been many renditions made of this classic card game but you always have to have the original! So for all of you classic Solitaire lovers here it is! Play thing boredom curing game and have lots of fun playing it!
Thieves of Egypt SolitaireThieves of Egypt Solitaire
Thieves of Egypt Solitaire is much like the classic game of Forty Thieves Solitaire and sure to make you have lots of fun! The objective of this game is to move all of the cards to the upper right piles (foundation piles).
Forty Thieves SolitaireForty Thieves Solitaire
Forty Thieves Solitaire is a super fun version of the classic game of Solitaire! In this you will need to move all the cards to the eight foundation piles.
3 Peaks3 Peaks
This incredibly addictive game will have you not wanting to leave your computer! The game consists of 3 peaks of cards which is supposed to be pulled down with the rule that the card must be either one preceding or succeeding in value to the card below.
Scorpion SolitaireScorpion Solitaire
Scorpion Solitaire is a super fun rendition of the clasic game of Solitaire!T he objective of the game is to arrange the tableau cards so there are four colums of cards in decending order (King to Ace).
The Ace of Spades IIThe Ace of Spades II
Another solitaire variation game.
Just another Pyramids game developed for my Gaming Page
Mytheria is a sci-fi card game, where you battle your opponents, win challenges, and build your own decks.
Tri Peaks Solitaire 2Tri Peaks Solitaire 2
In this fun game of 'Tri peaks Solitaire' it is your objective to move all your cards to the waste pile (the opened pile at the bottom).
Tri Peaks SolitaireTri Peaks Solitaire
Tri Peaks Solitaire is a fun rendition of solitaire! In this game there will be a number of cards listed in the shape of three peaks.
Another Solitar, sort the cards to win the Level
Terrace SolitaireTerrace Solitaire
Terrace Solitaire is a super fun version of Solitaire! You start the game with eleven cards (Terrace cards) and four cards will be dealt to the Tableau pile.
Riothub Klondike SolitaireRiothub Klondike Solitaire
Crazy Quilt SolitaireCrazy Quilt Solitaire
As unusual as it seems, Crazy Quilt is a challenging and fun solitaire game.
A difficult puzzle where cards behave like chess-pieces.
Pathians brings a new twist to the line-up of solo card games.
Mugalon Multiplayer Poker - Texas Hold emMugalon Multiplayer Poker - Texas Hold em
Have YOU got the best Pokerface? Play free Multiplayer Texas Hold'em Poker, with friends.
Yukon SolitaireYukon Solitaire
Yukon Solitaire is a great solitaire game to play whenever you are feeling bored! The objective of this game is to put all of the cards in the foundation which should be built up from Ace to King with cards of the same suit.
Eight Off SolitaireEight Off Solitaire
Eight Off Solitaire is yet again another super fun Solitaire game! Your mission in this game is to move all of the cards to the foundation piles which should be built up from Ace to King with cards of the same suit.
Tripeaks ManiaTripeaks Mania
Play this classic solitaire game.
Freecell SolitaireFreecell Solitaire
The aim of this game is to move all the cards to the foundation (the top right position).
Russian SolitaireRussian Solitaire
Russian Solitaire is played with a deck of 52 standard playing cards.
This super fun card game is unlike most! Get rid of all of your cards in a fast manner! Also you can compete against others and show everyone who is the best at funny towers!
Avalon Spider SolitareAvalon Spider Solitare
Remake of the classic Spider Solitaire
Match the cards and finish your's before your opponent, to win the game.
Grump, the ultimate solitaire competition.
Switchback SolitaireSwitchback Solitaire
Switchback Solitaire is a super fun card game! This Solitaire game is played with two decks of cards with the Kings removed.
Eight Off SolitaireEight Off Solitaire
Eight Off is a patience game similar to Freecell, in which only a single card can be moved, but there are eight free cells available to store cards, and cards are stacked by suit.
Freecell Solitaire 3Freecell Solitaire 3
Move all the cards to the foundation (the top right piles).
OMFG these cards are out of order! An online version of klondike / solitaire / patience, play a card puzzle game every day and compete with other players to find the best solution.
Freecell is based on the classic Freecell solitaire, but with a special twist! Use the golden cards to your advantage, either to bring forward an obscured card or boost your score!
Jungle SolitaireJungle Solitaire
Pyramid Solitaire game, combine the values of 2 cards to 13.
Poker SquarePoker Square
Lovers of poker beware: can you form the best hands by using 25 cards from the deck? At the start of the game, 25 empty spaces are aligned in a 5X5 grid.
Beleaguered Castle SolitaireBeleaguered Castle Solitaire
In the game of Beleaguered Castle Solitaire you have to build the foundation piles up in suit.
Freecell Solitaire 2Freecell Solitaire 2
Move all the cards to the foundation (the top right piles).
Twenty oneTwenty one
Tweenty-one its a game that you enter in a big gang called the "Twenty one" they are rich and powerful ,your task is to become the boss of the gang playing a new style of blackjack.

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