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Hercules ColorHercules Color
Let your imagination go wild as you get to color this screenshot of Hercules! Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it.
Beyblade ColorBeyblade Color
Color this cute picture of Beyblade.
The Death noteThe Death note
1, the person whos name is written in this book will die in 12 hours from a heart attack.
Achtung die kurve flashAchtung die kurve flash
If you like the game snake you will absolutely love this game.
Shave Chuck NorrisShave Chuck Norris
Chuck Norris is a busy guy! He is too busy kicking butt and taking names to shave so he needs you to help him out! Not many people get this privilege, but you better get to shaving because Chuck Norris could just use his mystical powers but he decided to be generous and allow you the opportunity to shave his beard!
Daft Punk Song CreatorDaft Punk Song Creator
Do you love the awesome techno band Daft Punk? If so than you will absolutely love this Daft Punk Son creator game! This game puts you in the jobs of head men of Daft Punk Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, making insane beats and making people want to dance! You wont want to stop making beats once you start playing this awesome game! So start pumping some beats and lets dance!
Music MakerMusic Maker
Make your own music with this little gadget
Dj Sonicx MixerDj Sonicx Mixer
You will go out of control with this super fun game where you get to make insane beats!! You are in control of this dance party! Help people dance the night away as you mix a myriad of different beats together to form the next big techno hit!
Kung-Fu Panda ColorKung-Fu Panda Color
Skadoosh! Color this cute picture of Po from Kung-Fu Panda and give it your very own creative spin! Use the paintbrush provided select colors to paint it.
Peter PanPeter Pan's Flight
Peter Pan's Flight Ride Animation
Left4Dead2 - SoundboardLeft4Dead2 - Soundboard
A soundboard comprising of the best audio clips from the game Left4Dead2 by Valve.
Imagine ArtistImagine Artist
Let your artistic juices flow in this super fun game of 'Imagine Artist', where you dreams of becoming a famous artist can become a reality.
Bop ItBop It
The original hand held Bop It game preserved in Flash!
Coin DropCoin Drop
Drop (or throw) the coin to the bottom and try to score as many points as possible
JamLegend is a guitar rhythm game that allows you to jam like a rock star.
Color Me - Chibi WitchColor Me - Chibi Witch
A color me game! Color up the cute chibi witch! Don't forget to drag the sparkles and heart to make the picture extra special!
Youda Legend, the curse of the Amsterdam diamondYouda Legend, the curse of the Amsterdam diamond
The dark influence of an old curse still taunts the beautiful city of Amsterdam.
Build a Robot 2Build a Robot 2
Build a robot out of alot of wacky parts then take a screenshot and put it in a gallery of robots for others to view.
Farm Frenzy 2Farm Frenzy 2
There's nothing wrong with indulging in a little "fowl play" when it's Farm Frenzy 2.
Feeding FrenzyFeeding Frenzy
Use your mouse to control the fish, collect as much food as possible in the 30 second time limit.
The Wiggles ColorThe Wiggles Color
Color this cute picture of the Wiggles.
Tutti FruttiTutti Frutti
Simple fruit catcher game
Batman ColorBatman Color
Color this cute picture of Batman.
Hero Creator XHero Creator X
Hundreds of items - that's what a real hero needs.
Nanny NellyNanny Nelly
Help Nanny Nelly to take care of the babies and try to make the highest score possible in this kindergarten game.
Soup KitchenSoup Kitchen
You're working for a nearby homeless shelter that is in need of people like you.
Explore a randomly generated ecosystem.
American Dad ColorAmerican Dad Color
Color this cute picture of American Dad.
Transformers DifferenceTransformers Difference
You've seen the movie.
Charlie Brown and Snoopy ColorCharlie Brown and Snoopy Color
Color this cute picture of Charlie Brown and Snoopy.
You might have babysat once or twice in your life, but have you ever thought of running an entire day care center? We bet you haven't! Kindergarten is a fun-filled, colorful and interactive management game were you play Mila, the super sweet owner of the day care center.
Dragon Tales ColorDragon Tales Color
Color this cute picture of Dragon Tale.
Baby Care DeluxeBaby Care Deluxe
Manage child activity and increase child attrubutes.
Yogi Bear ColorYogi Bear Color
You have grown up watching this classic Boomerang cartoon character and now he is here and you can color him, in this super fun coloring game! You are given a super cute picture of Yogi Bear to give your own creative spin to.
Rock Rock 'n' Roller Coaster
Rock 'n' Roller Coaster Ride Animation
The Apple GameThe Apple Game
The bussiness isn't going very well for you.
Nasty PaparazziNasty Paparazzi
Try to fool Britney Slug and get hot pictures.
Spider Man ColorSpider Man Color
Color your favorite super hero! Use your imagination and color him however you want! Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it.
Gazzyboy Jurassic Park Escape Part 1Gazzyboy Jurassic Park Escape Part 1
This is a new escape game from the house of gazzyboy.
The Little Mermaid ColorThe Little Mermaid Color
Color this cute picture of the little mermaid.
Flash SynthesizerFlash Synthesizer
This is a flash synthesizer with four instruments; piano, guitar, marimba, and bells
Dora and Buji ColorDora and Buji Color
Color this cute picture of Dora and Buji Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it.
Railway ValleyRailway Valley
You are a Railroad Manager who is responsible for a whole railroad network full of crossings and junctions, connected all stations and industries of the Railway Valley.
Lust For BustLust For Bust
Try and sneak-a-peek at your buddy's HOT sister.
Barbie Coloring BookBarbie Coloring Book
Choose the color of your choice for Barbie's outfits.
Play music on your keyboard, and play it back! Use the keys QWERTYUIOP to play notes, with 4 instruments to choose from.
Pizza King 2Pizza King 2
The new and improved popular restaurant management game.
Welcome in your own Hotel! It's your task (being the BellBoy) to get as many hotel guests in their rooms in the best possible time.
Set off on a virtual runway.
Tinkerbell ColorTinkerbell Color
We all love Tinkerbell and now you get to let loose your imagination by coloring a picture of Tinkerbell! Use the paintbrush to select colors and click on each section to paint in it.

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