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Candisease 2Candisease 2
These animals have eat candy to much You have to help them :)
Candle CraftCandle Craft
A candle business sim.
Candle Light DinnerCandle Light Dinner
Remodel this cute model of a dinner.
Candle WeddingCandle Wedding
Kate and Karol are going to tie the knots today.
Candle WeddingCandle Wedding
Candling on any occasion is romantic.
Candy And IceCandy And Ice
Welcome to Ice Cream wonderland.
Candy Art BabyCandy Art Baby
Candy BagCandy Bag
Candy Bag is a simple but addicting halloween game where you collect as much candy as you can before the time runs out.
Candy Bag 2: Tricks AND TreatsCandy Bag 2: Tricks AND Treats
Candy Bag 2: Tricks AND Treats is a simple but addicting halloween game where you collect as much candy as you can in your candy bag before the time runs out.
Candy BagsCandy Bags
Which one do you like, a lollipop, an orange-flavored gum, or a fancy chocolate heart? Collect your own candy bags now and taste them all! Your goal in this game is to collect all candies of the same kind before the computer does.
Candy BallsCandy Balls
Candy fun for everyone! Little arcade-puzzle game for candy loving braniacs.
candy ballscandy balls
a simple match three game
Candy Bar CheesecakeCandy Bar Cheesecake
This delicious cake is rich and very sweet because not only is it a cheesecake it’s also filled with candy bars! Follow the directions in the game to add all of the right ingredients to make this candy bar cake hybrid.
Candy bar cupcakesCandy bar cupcakes
To prepare candy bar cupcakes for your dear ones just follow the great tasting cupcake recipe in this cooking game.
Candy Bar DressupCandy Bar Dressup
Create Giant Candy bars! Dressup a candybar with all your favorite nuts, chocolate and fillings! This is a craziest candy bar dressup game ever!
Candy BarbieCandy Barbie
Dress Barbie for her thematical stylish candy party in a sensational fancy outfit playing Candy Barbie dress up game! Make her look chic and feminine in a trendy summer dress or a casual chic t-shirt and jeans, find the right earrings, chain, hair pin, shoes and purse to match each outfit that you dress her in and don't forget her lollipop! Choose the best looking outfit in the end for Candy Barbie to wear at her amazing party.
Candy BlastCandy Blast
Pep your aim and shoot hour with bright colored candies and enjoy some sensational 25 levels as you combat with moving walls and moving candies giving you a tough time.
Candy BoothCandy Booth
have fun in the sweet, candy booth and serve your customers just right!
Candy BreakerCandy Breaker
Click to break candy in this lovely looking match game, its fun and easy to play.
Candy BrickCandy Brick
Ever played Tetris upside down?
Candy CakeCandy Cake
My niece is turning three tomorrow and I promised her that I will make a delicious candy cake for her and her friends.
Candy CandyCandy Candy
?? ??
Candy Candy PuzzleCandy Candy Puzzle
?? ?? ??
Candy Cane DesignerCandy Cane Designer
Merry Xmas! Have fun designing these minty Candy Canes with all kinds of frostings and toppings! Then add a Santa Charm to complete your Christmas Treat!
Candy Cane FudgeCandy Cane Fudge
Put all the ingredients together to make the most delicious candy cane fudge you have ever had.
Candy CatCandy Cat
Move the cat with the mouse, accelerate with left mouse button, collect sweets.
Candy CatastropheCandy Catastrophe
Oh no! The kids have collected too much candy on Halloween! Get rid of all the candy by matching two or more of the same color.
Candy CatchCandy Catch
Candy CatcherCandy Catcher
Catch the candies.
Candy CatcherCandy Catcher
Eat your way to heart failure through this fun, halloween styled game!
Candy ChristmasCandy Christmas
Find the five differences between the two pictures.
Candy ClashCandy Clash
You are at school and you're giving candy away.
Candy ClaspCandy Clasp
Are you smart? Play this Candy clasp, one of the favorite color matching games of all time.
Candy ColorCandy Color
Collect all the candy in this fun puzzle filler remake.
Candy ConveyorCandy Conveyor
Building a candy factory isn't easy, but maybe you can do it better than others.
Candy CornCandy Corn
Your a robot from the future on a mission to find candy corn and bring it back to your time.
Candy Corn FudgeCandy Corn Fudge
Candy Corn Fudge makes a great party treat! This recipe is easy and the outcome is a hit.
Candy Corn SliderCandy Corn Slider
A fun candy corn slider in three different sizes
Candy coupleCandy couple
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Candy CrackerCandy Cracker
Exploding candy fun!
Candy CupcakesCandy Cupcakes
Candy Cupcakes is a new game by var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "https://ssl." : "http://www."); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E"));